Coelho’s Alchimist journey in midst of global pandemics

mountain journey in Balkans credit photo; the Author

Santiago instead….went marching forward, found courage within himself to continue the journey and realize his dream, as we ought to do these days …

Search of a hidden treasure!…during the journey he got to know himself, and the meaning of life…to quote the author, the dialogue between Santiago and Alchimist in midst of desert chasing the dream…….. ‘Don’t think about what you’ve left behind,” the alchemist said to the boy as they began to ride across the sands of the desert. “Everything is written in the Soul of the World, and there it will stay forever”

Just as we had the chance to dig deep, within our thoughts while quarantined indoors, facing a new reality…that we only could have experienced it in our wildest dreams or, while watching a Hollywood’s sci-fi movies….

All things are interconnected as, Santiago along the way meets interesting characters in the form of repeated dreams of a mystical treasure, hidden miles away underneath pyramids in Egypt….

‘The Alchemist’book cover by Paolo Coelho:credit
The Alchemist: cover credit

Every time he spoke excitedly, a golden amulet sparked from his chest, mesmerizing Santiago, thinking in silence, that the ‘King of Salem’ is not just an old man, otherwise how the golden amulet and wisdom lectures on meaning of life can come up with such an insights…this only made the whole role and enigma of Melchidezek even more intriguing…

Despite the conversations and instructions, the Santiago’s journey continues on discovering the treasured dream …another turning point of his journey is, when he meets the Englishman, who himself is in the road to the discovery of the lost treasure, (which he called his mission to become an alchemist), their journey aligns perfectly towards final destination….Egypt!

During the long journey….the Englishman tells him stories from his past, as well as conclusions from the literature on the force of magic that possess the philosophical stone and the elixir of Life….(as he listens, he has the magic stones urim and thummim on his bag….given to him by king of ‘Salem’)…as the Englishman was a chemist on his way to meet the magician, who allegedly was in Egypt, on his quest to learn the craft of Alchemist, from the magician himself…..this great story inspires even more Santiago to seek the Spirit of the Universe, preached by both the Melchizedek and the Englishman.…

subconscious art; credit;

Santiago and the crystal merchant represents the different paths a person may choose in life, with fear, hesitation and complacency acting as the dividing factors between the courses of life.

The visionary alchemist credit;

Some of us claim to have found the ‘Dream’...some of us are on the journey of realizing the ‘Dream’ the question is…how much have we learned during our journey…

To give and receive at the same time….so that we can wholeheartedly seek the magic of the Universe as a reward after!.….to quote the ending lines;

“You are almost at the end of your journey,” said the alchemist. “I congratulate you for having pursued your destiny.”

Did we really dig deep, as Santiago did looking under the tree of dreams and opportunities to find the hidden treasure….but instead found the secret of life…hence we need to fully commit, act and cultivate hope, gratitude & compassion, that better days will come, and we all are, on a journey of our life…towards the awakening!



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