Coronavirus &Ideology, biggest obstacle to China’s stability and global economy

It would be unusual rather, obscene elaborating China’s market growth without having in perspective the technology emulating process generated out of biggest tech giant that overwhelmed China and its market after the progress towards the open policy introduced during 90’s.

Let us get things clear, cheap labor, market expansion (access to Asian market) while penetrating the highest populated country in the globe, the US giants were literally digging into goldmine of profit at the half-opened policy of liberal market, many Corporate massively set up the branches in mainland China as the production consistently was covered with minimum pay (still over 90 million residents in China live under 2$ per day)

With no strict regulation, low tariffs and many loopholes on legal contractual obligation, gave the shortcut to success of ‘pay low, earn high strategy’ of global tech & automotive industry, for more than 25+ years, using privileges, while rising company’s valuation to very top of the earnings and S&P ranking

That is until China, &doing business in ‘Beijing’ started to shift as a society pushing the rigid regime to reflect upon the fast growing markets that led to the expansion of innovative industry as we know it…

turning into a copycat of literally every single trademark gadgets that were producing for the western, ‘capitalist’ converting into parallel production , infringing the Intellectual property norm, while achieving a groundbreaking results in Economy

( Chinese people living in poverty dropped from 88 % in 1981 to low as 3% in 2017)

Covering behind the ‘equity’ & currency manipulation, raising tariffs on selective products, Chinese authority played two sided game of the same story, while providing a safe shelter for majority of economy powerhouses, Obama administration concurred the unbalanced tariffs that was set by Chinese authority on majority of goods starting for automotive imports that was on staggering 25%

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US Businesses and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk supported Trump’s tariff balance back in 2018 while the ongoing tit for tat war during the whole 2019 between Trump administration & China, resulted in significant growth for US economy , while simultaneously rising domestic production, as a consequence US registered lowest unemployment numbers in last 50 years…meanwhile

Bad news for China continued amid fear and reports of a ‘Corona virus’ appeared, out of nowhere, the usual suspect ‘animal open food market’ in Wuhan….

The more contradicting reports amid many online speculations circulated, recently from scientist who have hypothesis and believe after their initial research findings that the National Laboratory for disease and prevention (that is just a mile from the Wuhan open food market) has indeed something to do with it!?…

Search for an unknown cure, seek and you shall find, first condition is that there has to be a disease for any treatment! That is the core principles of big Pharma, that leads towards the foundation for a new vaccine fighting the pandemics ( China is the leading global nation, the highest investing Country on scientific research), as the Latin saying “Medicus curat, Natura sanat”…..but could it be that someone in Wuhan’s microbiology labs got it on the reverse order!?…

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Notwithstanding the mainstream effort, propaganda, the establishment managed to conceal, any leaks of information, while restricting those who dare to speak in public and appeal for help, fear over public reaction turn the matter from bad to worse, as an illustration

Let us get back to 2013 when Sars, appeared in China, even though the virus was very aggressive, but short lived the world economy started to tremble under first effects, which is none other then fear, that produces the negative sentiment in Investing world, as a result, ‘Business’ pays a rather unfair price…

Luckily for China, Sars didn’t last long but the handling of the situation, cover-up & denial was a clear indication that the Communist party will NOT allow anything out of its own propaganda narrative, be it the pandemic that could affect the entire population with serious health issues, set economy into recession, pay the ultimate price of disaster….only to maintain the status quo-equality, unforeseen event are just that ‘unacceptable’ and ‘unrelated’ as nothing in fact Can happen without party’s consent.

According to business insider , the whistle-blower Dr. Jiang Yanyong, a military surgeon who revealed the Chinese government’s cover-up of the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003, has been under house arrest since April 2019, and to make matter worse,the history repeat itself now

When the young doctor Dr. Li tried to warn the authority, he was reprimanded and isolated by the police after he shared concerns about the virus on a social messaging app Weibo with medical classmates on Dec. 30. the police compelled him to sign a statement that his warning constituted “illegal behavior’ ‘propaganda” and various other claims…

The fact that he was ignored, silenced, &threaten with prosecution, if continued to talk about any virus at all,speaks volumes, while the story went viral when his health deteriorated….sadly he passed away few weeks ago, that sparked the public outrage across China, echoing the reaction from the masses and surpassing methodology of the autocracy

How severe is China hit by Corona virus!

In a nutshell the picture looks grim from China ;

· China’s economy is forecast to grow by the smallest margin since the Great Recession!

· Over 70% of aviation industry directly affect from the virus and many Countries have already halted all the ins & out with China

· Tourism & China's box office suffered decline with theaters being all but empty, causing box office losses of at least $1.5 billion so far in 2020, (ironically, when the country was expected to surpass) the United States in terms of box office sales,

· Online market…continuous decline of E-market giant Alibaba amid fear that the virus could spread from the items ) the fear of the unknown made world restriction of purchasing goods from China…worrying signs for Chinese economy is the news that;

International conglomerates are leaving, closing off their branches amid fear of the virus they are relocating towards emerging markets planning to shift some of their production from China to alternative offshore manufacturing hubs including Vietnam, Malaysia and India.

The uncertainty and the unpredictability of the corona virus now ( Covid19) not only edges the China’s economy towards the recession but paralyzes the daily life , it harms not only the public health but entire structure of society, business, trade& production amid fears and depression comes anarchy.. as no society could be kept quarantined for too long.

Chernobyl 1989

Only in Wuhan alone, over 10 million residents are quarantined, with Hubei province the figures rises to 60 Milion!…with no clear solution in horizon, one could learn a valuable lesson, if not from pandemics (that keeps repeating itself)…then from history, as the horrified event in Chernobyl was only the beginning of the end of the Communism tale of containment of the truth and providing the public with mass propaganda lies& deception, usually the ultimate price pays civilians …

Comrade Akimov there has been an accident!…famous line from the HBO classic show ‘Chernobyl’ as the plot is rather straightforward

Distinction between certain ideology, facilitating any means necessary to covert & conceal the disaster, and those who fight for freedom, risking their lives preventing, advocating for truth in dire attempt to avoid the worse case scenario…. all turned to be to little to late…..for the residents of Prypiat, & millions around the Europe, as radioactivity spread just like the virus is spreading in China& beyond…..

‘ What is the price of a lie” .….one we may never find out.

Fintech heterodox & Innovation writer/ Author (SALFORD/ IFLAS Alumnus)

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