E-commerce prospect, and ‘return of the Drones’

MQ-9 Reaper Drone credits Forbes

Amid the hype & curiosity, drones faced its difficulties, as well as technical setbacks adding the NO license to fly, there was no clear future for the flying phenomena, as the consumer's sentiment began to shrink for drones, mainly seen as ‘adventurous toys’ focused on extreme sports& outdoor activities, with no sign of mass distribution into the markets, the curve started to descent…..driving the project towards uncharted territory!

Project pitching dilemma!

the project drone was heading towards dead-end, the whole concept idea… started to fade away!

Drone project ‘Arch101’ Arsim Ajeti

- Unathorized surveillance raising privacy concerns worldwide …or

-Inciting mass brawl;the football match Albania vs Serbia … and,

-Endangering the safety of the civilian plane and all the passenger onboard famous drone incident in Canada!

Gopro, leaders on the quality mini-cameras for outdoors activities, decided to invest into their new drone project worth millions. That unexpected move created a real buzz between entrepreneurs and drones enthusiast were all ecstatic about ‘Karma’ project.

‘KARMA’ Drone, credits GoPro Brasil

The most groundbreaking OP to date, utilized by drone RQ-170 was the intelligence-gathering mission that led to eelimination of the most wanted man in the Planet, Osama Bin Laden!

Drones drifted further away, from what most believed they were destined to do!?!…emission free and fast service, fulfilling consumer’s needs, instead drones became an assassination tool!

E-Commerce chart by U.S. Census Bureau, credits Rebecca Quick, CNBC

E-commerce transformation!

Prime air, Delivery Drones credits Amazon Fire TV

C-19 accelerated everything in Tech, market digitization, & our everyday life habits, we are about to witness more drone inclusion on our daily e-commerce shipping and beyond!

Commercial drone projection 2016–2025 credits Statista Inc.




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