Global tariffs trade shake off & Turkish lira inflation

But what is the current buzz behind the global economic scene, is America’s economy through re-balancing tariffs has entered into the new chapter of US economical exceptionalism towards their global partners and along the road made few shakes within ?

Targeting and leveling of tariffs especially towards the countries that have used the market with a minimum export tax in the US, but with high taxes on imports of US-produced products as a result of this disharmony and trade inequity has produced a leverage point to states like China,Mexico, Russia…. and Turkey to grow rapidly especially over the last decades of 21st century.

Such measures in favor of the local production protection have caused a significant loss of market share of foreign pharmaceutical companies. Therefore the risk was enormous for the US Pharmaceutical companies to try to penetrate the Turkish market.

Turkish Pharmaceutical Association ( http analysis of the six-year period between 2010 and 2016 shows that the pharmaceutical market grew by 55% and the pharmaceutics imports significantly decreased from the foreign countries, in addition the export showed improvement and Turkey not only supplied most of its local market but also targeted and successfully penetrated the regional global market as well .

· Military offensive against Kurdish forces, in Syria

· Diplomatic & trade relations with Iran, Qatar

· Arrest of US Pastor Andrew Bronson

This move has been evaluated as an tit for tat exchange-attempted bargain style with US for the extradition of the Erdogan’s enemy number one, Mr. Fetullah Gülen, and the last on the pecking order is the very recent initial military attempt-agreement for the purchase of the Russian anti-missile system, knowing the fact that the Russia today is seen as main threat to the NATO this not only complicated the matter but could have tied the knot of agree to disagree relations between US/Turkey as never before in modern history.



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