Innovation, sustainability & A.I-’Tesla’ as the new frontier in the global industry!

Tesla’s X factor, Elon Musk!

Data of Wealthiest #400 in U.S credits; Forbes

Alongside the successful Space X Corp, Tesla’s Ceo is rightly considered the X factor behind drive & innovation transmitting value & confidence amongst consumers worldwide!

Decline of the diesel dynasty!

Global Tesla delivery, credit; Statista Inc.

Battery, the ‘Achilles heels’!

Tesla is becoming a success story of transition, subject to producing a stable long-lasting battery as pure lithium has remained the ‘Holy Grail’ in EV Market.

Tesla’s Cybertruck model credit: Tesla Motors

Rising Competition in China

Nio and Baic projected the market entry in Asia & Europe by mid-next year, plans halted due to Pandemic disruption

currently, local rivals hardly are considered a threat towards the company, who is valued more than Ford,& GM combined!

The global value of automakers, credit; @visualcapitalist



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