Project libra, Millennial’s & A.I : descent into digitally decentralized phenomena

author on the island of early adopters
image reserved; author on the island of innovation

How the futuristic innovations end up on consumers watch? how come that a small group of people who own a revolutionary innovative product end up on mass adoption scale that changes the core of our daily habits! What’s the secret behind brands like Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Pay-pal, bitcoin!?

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Breakthrough as a way through!
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We can conclude that Social Network changed our lives radically, in mirroring comparison as how internet impacted the telecommunications industry, postal mail service, printed journalism, and now the monetary digitalization as a trend and necessity of time.

source; The economist ‘Get Ready for the Phoenix’ January 9, 1988,




Fintech heterodox & Innovation writer/ Author (SALFORD/ IFLAS Alumnus)

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Arsim Ajeti

Arsim Ajeti

Fintech heterodox & Innovation writer/ Author (SALFORD/ IFLAS Alumnus)

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