Project libra, Millennial’s & A.I : descent into digitally decentralized phenomena

author on the island of early adopters
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How the futuristic innovations end up on consumers watch? how come that a small group of people who own a revolutionary innovative product end up on mass adoption scale that changes the core of our daily habits! What’s the secret behind brands like Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Pay-pal, bitcoin!?

There are several stages that one innovative product goes through, starting from continuous innovation, towards discontinuous innovation, ending with disruptive innovation. So, what’s the difference between them and how does consumer end-up adopting them ?

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image credit;Facebook

Breakthrough as a way through!

In order to survive the decline and revive the brand, one must have a back up plan, while new crypto- startups were in a gold-rush mode Facebook sets its sights into future business plan, developing a new product for emerging market and consumers,
  • It is backed by a reserve of assets designed to give the intrinsic value (one of main point of debate about bitcoin and intrinsic value, Libra identified this and with a joint fund of its associates stated that reserve assets will be backed to give legitimize intrinsic value as digital currency)
  • Governed by independent Libra Association ( Identifying the decentralized issue importance is key to success, privacy and transparency matter in today’s sentiment and market value)
image credit; cyberpunk telegram
image credit;adoption chart telegram

We can conclude that Social Network changed our lives radically, in mirroring comparison as how internet impacted the telecommunications industry, postal mail service, printed journalism, and now the monetary digitalization as a trend and necessity of time.

Will it disrupt the monopolization of money produced by global governments and controlled by market regulation?? perhaps not to the scale of online communication and e-commerce evolution, but there will be a significant addition to the monetary and reserve asset categories that will compete with US dollar and gold respectively,

source; The economist ‘Get Ready for the Phoenix’ January 9, 1988,



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