Trends & consumer’s behavior in midst of a global crisis

Today, we are still in midst of the unknown, as the economic situation keeps worsening, along with our mental health, production, and about everything in our life is simply…confusing!, as we are just emerging from long months of isolation and despair, only to find out one thing for certain, LIFE IS NOT back to normal…far from it!

According to Bloomberg, global lockdowns forced millions of consumers to rely on online resources for everything, that alone brought significant changes on how we live, (do business as well as go on with our everyday life, whilst radically transforming Consumer’ behavior worldwide, and changes, on how the two biggest economies adapted new innovative measures, in midst of a global crisis!

Info credits World Bank Bloomberg Businessweek World Resources Institute

On the very depth of all the changes, the internet tends to play a pivotal role in providing our society a safe refuge, work, production & supply in midst of crisis, thus trends keep changing, whilst innovation thriving, one of the key changes that influenced the consumer's behavior is;

Entertainment online!

Credits info: Netflix Design Team

Travel industry / Global Tourism

According to McKinley tourism recovery will take time, based on expert’s research on 10- biggest economy of the world forecasts a cumulative drop $3 trillion to $8 trillion before tourism expenditure returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.

credits McKinsey Global Inst

As expected, bicycle sales saw shares soar by 28%. And all of a sudden biking became a global trend!

credits; Statista Inc.

Auto industry

Credits; Bloomberg

China, among the first countries from the EMERGING MARKETS endorsed the open policy and tendency for change of the whole automobile structure from diesel to electric and introduced Goverment subsided start-ups NIO & Xpeng

Credits BBC Academy


Ambiguity of all things, on how exactly we shall balance the changes, after the virus fades away, os the vaccine is emerging from the lab!

The fundamental issue arises, can we harmonize our co-existence with A.I in order that, our Civilization reaches new heights of exploration, longevity, and prosperity. or



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